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The perfect handbag or watch is only a click away.


Diamonds Are Hard. Selling Them Here Isn’t.

Lots of our customers come to Kimberlee Diamond & Loan with diamond jewellry, and they have legitimate concerns about getting the best possible value for items that are often very precious to them. It’s always a delight to see how quickly they relax, once we show them our proven process for evaluating their treasures.

They immediately see that our staff are experts in diamonds—thanks to more than 40 years of experience. And this expertise shows in how quickly we can provide a thorough appraisal, explaining every step along the way.

You Stay In Control

We then offer you a very competitive price for your diamonds—typically more than you may get from other businesses. This is true for both purchases or loans using your diamonds as collateral.

But it’s still up to you. We don’t pressure you. If you want to sell, great. If you’d rather hold on to your goods, or get other quotes, that’s fine, too. Because we also delight in welcoming customers back into our store, once they see that we are offering the best possible deals.