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Buying or Selling Gold? We Set The Gold Standard For Exceptional Service.

Kimberlee Diamond & Loan buys and sells gold daily. And our experts know exactly how to evaluate and give you the best possible value.

We have decades of experience in gold, and we give you a free evaluation on any piece you bring in. Gold is evaluated on weight (in grams) and purity (karat evaluation). We’ll tell you the gram weight of your gold, and we can test it for purity with a state-of-the-art spectrometer so you have facts on hand before making a decision. If you’re selling your gold, demand to have this information from any buyer.

And we encourage you to get more than one estimate before selling.

In addition to buying gold, we can give you the option to secure a 30 to 90-day loan on your gold, if you prefer to keep your items. Again, our evaluation is thorough and fair, and we provide full details on loan terms and conditions so you have all the information necessary to make the right decision for you.

We also take an extra step in evaluations: In addition to weight and purity, we also look at the craftsmanship and attributes of the piece—precious stones, brands, designs, and exclusivity. And we show you how this goes into our evaluation.