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Kimberlee Diamond & Loan does not work on a consignment basis. We buy all of our items outright. If you have made the decision to sell a luxury handbag, we welcome you to start the process with a visit to our store for a free quote. We offer quick quotes and same day payment. If you’re not quite ready to part with your handbag, we also offer the option to use your handbag as collateral towards a loan from our store. For more information, contact us today!


Collateral Loans:

Bring Us Your Item

Our specialists will evaluate your items while you wait. It typically only takes a few minutes.

Evaluate the Offer

All of our loan and buy quotes are no obligation and free of charge. Once you receive our quote, you are welcome to proceed with the loan option and instant cash payout or take a few days to think it over.

Receive Your Payment

All payouts are processed the same day on the spot. We pay either in cash or check (which provides you with the most convenience and security) It’s quick, simple and always confidential.